This site was created to be a place for me to share my passion for photomicrography -- the taking of photographs through a microscope.

On this page you will find links to my photomicrography galleries. While not entirely in chronological order, I tend to add a new one when I have gathered a sufficient number of new images. As such, the subject matter is random... whatever came across my microscope stage the previous months. The galleries are rather simple, and only in the most recent ones have I started to include subject and technical information.

You will also find links to my articles and pages that contain information about the particular equipment, techniques, and setup that I use. Some also go into detail on subjects I found important and useful toward developing the understanding and skills needed for successful photomicrography. There is a huge amount of information available online. It is possible to spend days looking over just the sites on microscopy established by Nikon and Olympus. And there are innumerable other sites with this type of valuable information. So the articles presented here do not attempt to duplicate these resources, but generally cover specific topics that are useful when using DSLR (or SLR) cameras for photomicrography.

Nikon Small World 2004, 6th Place

Olympus Bioscapes 2004, Honorable Mention

Nikon Small World 2005, 1st Place

Olympus Bioscapes 2005, 7th Place

Nikon Small World 2005, Image of Distinction

Nikon Small World 2006, 9th Place

Olympus Bioscapes 2006, Honorable Mention

Olympus Bioscapes 2006, Honorable Mention

Nikon Small World 2007, 4th Place

Nikon Small World 2007, 6th Place

Nikon Small World 2008, 12th Place

Nikon Small World 2008, 14th Place

Olympus Bioscapes 2008, 9th Place

Olympus Bioscapes 2008, Honorable Mention

Olympus Bioscapes 2008, Honorable Mention

Olympus Bioscapes 2009, 4th Place

Olympus Bioscapes 2009, Honorable Mention

Nikon Small World 2009  (I was honored to be one of the judges in 2009)

Nikon Small World 2010, 17th Place

Nikon Small World 2010, Honorable Mention

Olympus Bioscapes 2010, Honorable Mention

Links to Nikon and Olympus contest images


Charles Krebs Photomicrography

(contact information)

Photomicrography Gallery 1

Photomicrography Gallery 2

Photomicrography Gallery 3

Photomicrography Gallery 4

Photomicrography Gallery 5

Study of  Water Boatman legs  (abstract images)

A few 3D Image stacks

Photomicrography Gallery 6 (mostly diatoms)

Photomicrography Gallery 7 (added 10/17/06)

Photomicrography Gallery 8 (added 10/17/06)

Photomicrography Gallery 9 (added 3/10/07. Requires flash)

Photomicrography Gallery 10 (added 10/09/07. Requires flash)

Photomicrography Gallery 11 (added 2/26/09. Requires flash)

Photomicrography Gallery 12 (added 2/26/09. Requires flash)


Basic Considerations When Mounting  a Camera on a Trinocular Tube (PDF)

Making a Trinocular Mounted Camera Parfocal with Viewing Eyepieces            (as PDF file)

My initial DSLR photomicrography setup   (outdated, but info still valid. See next article for current setup.)

Discusses and illustrates how I set up my microscopes initially for photomicrography with a DSLR camera.

Photomicrography with DSLR,  setup II  (added 3/23/07. Updated 10/9/07)

Discusses and illustrates changes made, and the current microscope and setup I am using.

Two Basic Methods for Photomicrography                                                            (as  PDF file)

This discusses using cameras with permanently attached lenses, and those with lenses that can be removed. My interest is with DSLRs (or SLRs) so that is my emphasis. However, much very fine photomicrography is being done with digicams that have attached lenses, so the topic is included. There is quite a large amount of information on using digicams with attached lenses on the Internet.

Article on DSLR relay optics                                                                                 (as PDF file)

Spreadsheet for DSLR relay optics

This started as a spreadsheet exploring the relay magnifications  needed with various digital cameras. But there is much more info to be gleaned by looking over this spreadsheet.

Spreadsheet for Scale-bar calculation

Information about power control of Vivitar 283 flash

Article on using microscope objectives on camera bellows                                      (as PDF file)

Article exploring the benefits of Canon’s Electronic First Shutter Curtain

Vibration caused by the mechanical shutter alone is sufficient to cause image deterioration. Some newer Canon DSLRs incorporate an electronic first shutter curtain that can greatly minimize any vibration issues.

Brief test to see if a NFK 2.5X projection photo-eyepiece can be used at lower magnifications

It’s nice to have a lower magnification projection with some DSLR cameras, but it’s tough to

find projection photo-eyepieces (especially corrective ones) with a magnification less than 2.5X


Here are a few links to galleries that have nothing to do with photomicrography, but are photographs taken at few of my favorite locations.  

Smoky Mountains

Zion National Park, Utah

Mt. Shuksan, Mt. Baker, Washington

Alaska   (short trip in summer of 2007)

Various NW and western USA